LEGO Manuals Organizer

The Lawrence family LEGO collection is already growing. I’d love to blame it on our son, but really, it’s us. We love putting LEGOs together and they have even become a part of our Christmas traditions.

However, as any parent can tell you, LEGOs come with a little storage problem. Not only do have to find a way to wrangle all those little (evil) bricks, but then there are manuals that you have to hang onto unless you want to have a mental breakdown trying to figure out how everything was originally pieced together.

The manuals were the challenge for us. We kept them in a gallon ziplock bag in the LEGO bucket until one afternoon with a few kids showed us how horrible of an idea that was.

So with a few office supplies, I found another solution!

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Free Printable 2019 Bucket List

The new year is here and now is the time people start reevaluating their lives. What they would like to improve. What they would like to do differently. What they would like to try. And I am all for it!

In an effort to keep exploring and growing, instead of making traditional resolutions, I create a bucket list for the year.

What do I include? All the fun things – things I want to do (this usually ends up being projects to complete or races I want to run), foods to try, movies to see, books to read, places to go, and skills to master (or at least attempt).

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Jolly Holiday Decorations

As much as I enjoy doing the big themes, the smaller “character” years are a welcome break from crazy holiday crafting. A year ago, after we found out I was pregnant, we knew the perfect theme would be simply Santa. With a little one joining the family, we couldn’t imagine doing any other character. Thankfully, we also made this decision while digging through the post-Christmas clearance bins at Target, so the Santa theme was also going to be wildly inexpensive. How convenient!

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