Independence Day Wreath

Talk about a blast from the past! This Independence Day wreath was the second project blog post I’veĀ ever written (originally posted on The Creative Cubby) and gave me the bug for sharing my creations with family and friends. Even more importantly, this wreath still gets hung with pride very Independence Day! Hopefully, it will bring as much inspiration and joy to your home as it does to mine. Enjoy!

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Felt Christmas Lightbulb Garland

Christmas lights have always been my favorite part of the holiday season. All of the colors lighting up the night to welcome in the season. My deep love of Christmas lights comes from something my dad used to do for me when I was a kid.

My childhood bedroom faced the front of the house, which meant I got a front row seat to all of the holiday decorations my parents set up in the front yard. My favorite decorations were the large, blinking lights hung from the eaves of the house. When time came to be tucked into bed, my dad always turned the blinds to face downward so I could fall asleep watching the lights blink. The colorful light would flood my dark room as I tried to predict which light was going to blink next. It was magical.

I’ve been wanting to do a felt garland of Christmas lightbulbs for a while now, but it has taken time to find style and technique. I didn’t want to just cut ovals out of the felt and say, “Look! Lightbulbs!” Thankfully, I finally found the right lightbulb image from and the rest fell into place.
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