Pregnancy #2 – Week 23

Baby is the size of… a bunch of grapes, chinchilla, Barbie doll, buche de noel

Highlight of the Week… We got another peek at Baby this week through an ultrasound. During all the kicking and punching, Baby decided to give us a nice little peace sign, which totally cracked us up. Check it out below!

Frustration of the Week… It’s still so damn hot outside and I would love to get outside and walk. Working from home has a lot of pluses but I’m walking a lot less and I can feel it all throughout my belly. Time to start incorporating walks… if only it would cool down!

Cute thing the boys did… Cam gave my belly a kiss this week. I’m pretty sure he thinks I just have a big, soft belly, but like I’ve said previously – I’ll take it!

Curiosities… You know what’s super fun?! I finally found Tall size maternity pants!!! Bring on the cooler weather!

Pregnancy #2 – Week 22

Baby is the size of… corn on the cob, American guinea pig, water bottle, flaugnarde

Highlight of the Week… Baby and I were totally in sync this week. No weirdness from the uterus! Tons of energy. Baby is getting more active every day and I’m enjoying their little dances!

Frustration of the Week… I had a day this week when I just felt swollen. From my sinuses to my toes, everything just felt…swollen. I was well-hydrated, well-fed, hadn’t been on my feet a ton. I have no idea where it came from and it suuucked.

Cute thing the boys did… We’re moving onto more serious clothing and Hank is back to helping me zip up and tie different tops and dresses. It’s so comical to me that he has to help dress me as the belly grows!

Curiosities… Everyone warned me that my second pregnancy would be very different from the first but I’m surprised by how similar they are. I’ve been fortunate to have a lot of the same symptoms but less pain than I had with Cam (mainly because I’ve learned to manage it) and so it all feels surreally similar. I know there’s still a lot of time left but it’s really fun to have them so close together for easy comparison.

Pregnancy #2 – Week 21

Baby is the size of… a baby bok choy, least weasel, baseball hat, large brioche a tete

Highlight of the Week… Baby is kicking like crazy! While Hank still can’t feel the kicks on the outside, I can feel activity most of baby’s waking time. This is my favorite part of pregnancy so I’m doing my best to enjoy every moment.

Frustration of the Week… Have I complained about insomnia yet? Ha! The lack of sleep is making me loopy some days and irreversibly groggy the next. Thankfully, I can adjust my work hours to take naps.

Cute thing the boys did… Jax is upset with me for being pregnant and it’s kind of funny. I don’t know what’s gotten into him this week but he doesn’t really want to cuddle with me or my belly. He’ll get close to the belly and then walk away. So testy!

Curiosities… We’ve started taking inventory of baby supplies and planning how we’re going to add a second child to our household both as a newborn and beyond. Yes, we have plenty of time, but it’s fun to think about what we’ll do – will they share a room? For how long? Which room will they be in? Any perspective on kids sharing rooms? I’d love to hear what people have done, especially with young ones so close in age.

Pregnancy #2 – Week 20

Baby is the size of… a Belgian endive, axolotl, paper airplane, crepe suzette

Highlight of the Week… Pregnancy pillow for the win! I’m finding comfort in using my big beast of pregnancy pillow to support all the right places while I’m in bed. Jax loves it too because gets to snuggle in it with me.

Frustration of the Week… Insomnia. Twice this week I awoke around 2:00 am ready to greet the day. It took a few hours to get back to sleep but unfortunately that means I was dragging ass the rest of the day.

Cute thing the boys did… Jax loves cuddling with me and my belly in the pregnancy pillow. However, he has to contend with Cameron for space and cuddles. Cameron hasn’t quite figured out that I don’t just have a big ol’ belly, but Jax definitely knows what’s going on, carefully stepping around it and resting his head on it.

Curiosities… It’s only Week 20 and I already need to use my belly band. Can you believe that?! My belly is so heavy! Thank goodness I had one on hand – it’s a life saver.

Pregnancy #2 – Week 19

Baby is the size of… a zesty zucchini, four-toed hedgehog, Gameboy, palmier cookie

Highlight of the Week… Baby finally gave me a few powerful kicks! One of my favorite parts of pregnancy is feeling all the little movements. The motion makes everything feel real and is a gentle (and sometimes not) heads up that everything is okay in there. Now I’m super anxious to get more little loves taps!

Frustration of the Week… Heartburn and minor back pain are here and I’m not thrilled. Admittedly, I haven’t been as up on stretching and light exercises this week so that’s factor.

Cute thing the boys did… This week we’ve started pointing to my belly and saying, “Baby.” Cameron has no clue what it means, but I’m hoping he recognizes that my body is changing (getting huge) and the belly means something significant.

Curiosities… Nesting wasn’t a big factor of my first pregnancy but apparently, it is for the second. But my form of nesting comes in the form of purging stuff from my house. It started with cleaning out some notebooks… then some books… then clothes. And it has just kept rolling. It’s almost as if I’m making space for another little human, even though we have plenty of space. It is awfully refreshing though!