Thanksgiving Dinner Meal Planner

Thanksgiving is coming! Thanksgiving is coming!

Are you ready? Not yet? Well, you will be soon!

Plan your menu in a jiffy using this printable Thanksgiving meal planner. Set your courses and make the shopping list all in one place. I’ve used this from year-to-year and it has never failed me!

Click the links below to download the printable.

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7 Kitchen Tools I Can’t Live Without

Cooking is one of my greatest joys. I find quite a bit of personal fulfillment in making something delicious for my family while exploring new flavor pairings and food. However, it hasn’t always been that way. I used to loathe cooking because it took too long and nothing ever turned out how I wanted. Lots of undercooked or charred to a crisp chicken. Soggy veggies. Over-flavored noodles. I just couldn’t seem to get it right.

Then I took a knife skills class at Sur La Table. It was a gift that completely changed my relationship with food. You’re probably wondering how a knife class changed my cooking. Well, let me tell you…

Lawrence Made Essential Kitchen Tools Pin

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Best of October

October was full of spooktacular fun and gourdeous creations! With 13 days of Halloween posts, there was plenty of ghoulish content to enjoy. Did you keep up with it all? I mean… it was a lot. I may have a bit of a Halloween hangover, and the holiday isn’t even over yet!

Catch up on all the posts you may have missed and pin ideas you love for next year!


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Pumpkin Carving 2018

Avengers Assemble!

For our little pumpkin’s first Halloween, we chose the easy route for Cameron’s costume and bought an outfit on sale from Disney. I’ve always loved their body suit costumes for babies – they are just so cute!

Enter Captain America – saving the world… until naptime.

We used Cam’s costume to guide our pumpkin carving selection. As always, I started with the patterns at Zombie Pumpkins. Every year I use their patterns and they never let me down!

But this year, I made a mistake like I’ve never made before. Keep reading to find out about my total facepalm moment.

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Dead and Breakfast Halloween Tour

Welcome, foolish mortals, to the Lawrence Dead & Breakfast.

In an effort to control the amount of decorations we purchase for Halloween, as well as ensure cohesiveness, we decided to pick a theme for our house. Without it, I would probably buy or make every silly, cute, spooky Halloween thing on the planet. Instead, we forced ourselves to narrow it down. The intention is to build up on the decor every year, staying within the aesthetic of the original theme. This helps guide what projects I do too! So, after scouring magazines and Pinterest, we ultimately found our inspiration from this Better Homes & Gardens article. And the Lawrence Dead & Breakfast was born.Read More »