Pregnancy – Week 24

Week… 24

Baby is the size of… an ear of Corn

Highlight of the Week… We saw our first kicks on the surface! Baby is starting to explore all the space available to it and has been giving strong kicks to the middle of my stomach. So cool but also incredibly weird! Haha.

Frustration of the Week… I traveled for work this week and I can’t believe how worn down I get through what would be “normal” or “easy” travel.

Eating a lot of… Ice cream

Cute Thing Hubby Did This Week… Hubs already downloaded a contractions counting app. Apparently he read about it in an article and decided to get it now. Love how prepared he’s trying to be.

A Tidbit… I finally started working out again this week. The Tone It Up Bikini Series launched on Monday and to my surprise, one of the trainers is pregnant. This means finally, finally, finally Tone It Up is providing pre- and post-natal modifications and I’m over the moon about it! I’ve been an avid Tone It Up follower for almost four years and I’m so glad I can participate in their most motivating fitness challenge of the year – safely.

We’re doing a fun baby pool in preparation for Baby Lawrence’s arrival and would love for you to join in! In this pool, you need to submit your hunches for eight characteristic categories, including gender, eye color, and weight. So fun! We’re loving reading them all. Check the pool out here and submit your guesses!


Vacation Keepsake Sand Bottles

Since getting married, my husband and I have taken a few big trips. When we travel, we, generally, limit ourselves to two souvenir categories: Christmas ornaments and baggies of sand. I know the latter may sound strange but stick with me. Instead of collecting knickknack on top of knickknack, we enjoy bringing home a small piece of wherever we’ve traveled. While packing to leave, we grab a few snack-size Ziplock bags and a permanent marker for our little gatherings. Collecting the sand has become a fun activity for us to slow down and connect with a little bit of nature – no matter where we go. And it has low environmental impact! It’s not like collecting shells or agricultural items. The best part is, outside of the initial investment of supplies, this souvenir is free but very meaningful.


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7 Words and Phrases I Use Too Often

Happy Sunday! I’ve been on a Real Housewives of New York City binge for the past week, rewatching old episodes that I know oh-so-well. Yes, I’m a Real Housewives fan. A big one. (New York City is my favorite!) As I was watching an episode the other night, I found myself saying, irritated, “Ramona! You say that all the time!” And then I thought, “I wonder if people say that about me.” So I asked my husband and ha! The answer to that question is a resounding yes! Yes, I say certain words and phrases all the time. Some of them I’m self-aware of and others, I had no idea. Regardless, here are 7 words or phrases I use too often…

  1. Blew my mind/Blew their minds – Apparently, there’s a lot of mind-blowing going on around here.
  2. Lose my shit – This one made me laugh really hard. I do say this a lot.
  3. You drive me nuts but I love you. – I say this to my husband daily.
  4. That’s fair. – Apparently, this is how I validate other’s feelings or thoughts, whether I agree with them or not.
  5. Robust – I’ve been using this word in the workplace quite frequently over the past few months. I don’t know where I picked it up but I’m a fan because it indicates the size of work without being dramatic about the effort required.
  6. That’s hilarious. – I need to start using synonyms here. I use “hilarious” in place of absurd, amusing, ridiculous, etc.
  7. Nice. – I picked this up from my husband and it’s used primarily in response to things that are interesting or elicit bits of joy, surprise, excitement.

Now, fess up… what are word or phrases you overuse?

Pregnancy – Week 23

Week… 23

Baby is the size of… a Papaya

Highlight of the Week… Our dog Jax loves cuddling with my belly. We’re convinced he can hear the heartbeat and he must find it comforting because I caught him snuggled right up against where baby was located in the middle of the night. My husband even captured this sweet picture of Jax with me on the couch the other night. Check out the end of the post to see it.

Frustration of the Week… I’m starting to really miss running. My ligaments are ridiculously loose and it’s been too much time off to justify the risk of trying to run again. Thankfully, it’s hot enough to substitute with swimming. Kicking around in the pool isn’t quite as fun for me as pounding pavement but at least it’s much, much cooler.

Eating a lot of… Otter pops… it’s hot here.

Cute Thing Hubby Did This Week… Hubs did lots of research with me this week for the projects we want to finish before baby gets here, including the nursery. I love his enthusiasm for all the creative things in our life.

A Tidbit… We had our check-up this week and everything looks great! As luck would have it, the time we remember to record the heartbeat baby decided to show off its acrobatics for our doctor. Through the recording you can hear the heartbeat and then the swoosh-swoosh of baby moving around. Hilarious!

Best of April

April has come and gone and with it so much creativity and ideas. Much like plants during the early days of spring, the blog and shop has blossomed into something new and beautiful. Our trip to Hawaii was an excellent mental break from everyday life to evaluate what I want out of the blog and shop, what inspires me most, and what I hope you get from my content. I truly feel like new life has been breathed into my creative world. I can’t wait to share all that is to come. In the meantime, here are the highlights from this month!

BestOfDivider CraftandDIY


April plays host to Earth Day. To celebrate, I gave the gift of resilient succulents to family and friends. Of course, you need a cute punny gift tag to go along with every gift.Read More »