7 Pumpkin Carving Tips

‘Tis the season for making gourd-eous jack-o–lanterns! Pumpkin carving is my favorite holiday activity. Digging into an easy creative medium. Pulling out the pumpkin guts. Transforming a simple pumpkin into a work of art. And of course, roasting the pumpkin seeds afterward for a delicious snack!

Need further proof of my love? Check out my Pumpkin Carving Gallery!

Over the years, I’ve had my ups and downs with pumpkin carving. I’ve had designs collapse on me and pumpkins rot faster than you can say, “Trick or treat!” However, I’ve also learned how to make pumpkins last more than two days in the Arizona heat and make carving an activity the whole family can enjoy. Now, I’m sharing that knowledge with you!Read More »

7 Valued Halloween Traditions

Being a lover of history, I’m a huge fan of traditions – especially holiday traditions. Whether your traditions are celebrated solo or with your family, it’s nice when we do something fun and festive from year to year.

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays. The spooky decorations and all the jack-o-lanterns! Fall is finally in the air, and Halloween is the true start to the holiday season.

Over the years, we’ve created a few traditions to keep the spooktacular enjoyment rolling. Here are seven of our Halloween traditions:Read More »

7 Sanity-Saving Moving Tips

Moving can be both exciting and incredibly stressful at the same time. I love that moving forces me to reevaluate all of my belongs and provides the perfect opportunity to purge. However, even with as organized as I am, I still stress over getting everything safely into boxes. Do I have enough boxes? Will this stuff break? How will I find everything when I get there?

Over the years, I’ve moved a lot and have collected some best practices along the way. Our most recent move was the least stressful I’ve ever had and it was thanks to a little planning and organization.

Here are my best tips for saving your sanity while moving.

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7 Pregnancy Tips

Pregnancy has been tough for me. While I’ve been blessed with level hormones, limited morning sickness, and no major complications, my body has struggled with adjusting to growing a little human. To be honest, I haven’t enjoyed being pregnant much. I don’t share that to incite a pity party or seem ungrateful for my ability to be pregnant. I’m just being honest. Being pregnant is uncomfortable and difficult to get through.

However, with that being said, there are a few things that have helped get me through my pregnancy. Hopefully, some of these tips will help you as well.

Best Pregnancy Tips

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7 Home Projects on My List

I’m sure you know how this goes. You live in your space for a while and suddenly you hate the paint color of your living room or you want to redo the kitchen cabinets. Maybe you want to remove a wall (ambitious but you do you). Little things about your home start to get on your nerves or show different potential.

We’ve lived in our home for about six months and have started to get a little squirrely. Our house is actually really great and we only want to make a few cosmetic changes. However, my husband hates painting and being pregnant, I had to limit my exposure to paint fumes. Now, with an extensive maternity leave looming, I’ve started to dream up small home projects I’d like to complete in the coming months. Read More »