7 Travel Necessities

No matter how organized I try to be, packing for travel turns into a mad dash around the house to gather everything I think I will need. For years, I’ve used Knock Knock’s Pack This notepad to organize my thoughts around what I absolutely need to bring. We all know that vacation calls for very different packing than a work trip and then there’s always weather to be considered. So much going on in the brain! Thankfully, I do have travel necessities that come with me on every trip. No searching and digging for these. They are always together in a basket in my closet because I absolutely cannot travel without them. Here’s what comes on every adventure.Read More »


7 Beauty Products I Can’t Live Without

Like many women, my beauty routine oscillates between maximum and minimal effort. Some days I’m feeling glamorous and pull out the full routine – foundation, contouring, highlighting, fancy eyeshadow, the works! Other days, eh – I just want to look like I’ve made a little effort even though I’m not feeling it. Oddly enough, the latter doubles as my vacation and travel routine unless attending an event (e.g. wedding or conference). These seven beauty supplies have become necessities when it comes to my beauty regime.Read More »

7 Words and Phrases I Use Too Often

Happy Sunday! I’ve been on a Real Housewives of New York City binge for the past week, rewatching old episodes that I know oh-so-well. Yes, I’m a Real Housewives fan. A big one. (New York City is my favorite!) As I was watching an episode the other night, I found myself saying, irritated, “Ramona! You say that all the time!” And then I thought, “I wonder if people say that about me.” So I asked my husband and ha! The answer to that question is a resounding yes! Yes, I say certain words and phrases all the time. Some of them I’m self-aware of and others, I had no idea. Regardless, here are 7 words or phrases I use too often…

  1. Blew my mind/Blew their minds – Apparently, there’s a lot of mind-blowing going on around here.
  2. Lose my shit – This one made me laugh really hard. I do say this a lot.
  3. You drive me nuts but I love you. – I say this to my husband daily.
  4. That’s fair. – Apparently, this is how I validate other’s feelings or thoughts, whether I agree with them or not.
  5. Robust – I’ve been using this word in the workplace quite frequently over the past few months. I don’t know where I picked it up but I’m a fan because it indicates the size of work without being dramatic about the effort required.
  6. That’s hilarious. – I need to start using synonyms here. I use “hilarious” in place of absurd, amusing, ridiculous, etc.
  7. Nice. – I picked this up from my husband and it’s used primarily in response to things that are interesting or elicit bits of joy, surprise, excitement.

Now, fess up… what are word or phrases you overuse?

7 Creative Inspirations from Hawaii

Aloooha! We’ve spent the past week in Kauai, soaking up as much sunshine as possible while exploring the island. This island has so much beauty to take in! From Waimea Canyon, to the varying beaches, to the dense tropical terrain of the Na Pali coast. Along the way, we poked our head into every store, art gallery, and souvenir stall we could. The creative inspiration was overwhelming! I’m always in awe of other’s talent and could feel my own ideas hitting me right in the forehead. Here are seven pieces of inspiration I picked up along the way.

  1. Ocean-Themed Placemats and Napkins: I’ve had my eye open for new placemats and cloth napkins (yes, I’m that person.) The struggle has been in finding designs that fit our tastes. I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me to make my own! I saw a design that sparked so many ideas. Be prepared!
  2. Photo Transfers onto Wood: This was a big craft a few years ago that I never attempted. We saw an example of nature images transfer to wood by a photographer and I have to try it. The organic textures behind the scenic image is powerful.
  3. Plumeria: The plumeria has really grown on me. I wasn’t the biggest fan of this flower until this trip and now I know I need to do something with it. Maybe on my Cricut or embroidery. Still rolling ideas around in my head.
  4. Baby Onesie Ideas: Omg! So many cute and clever puns! Even better is coming up with gender neutral designs. Time to break out the Cricut and I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a screen printing kit. Either way, mama is going to make some outfits for baby!
  5. Seashell Artwork: We have sooo many shells left over from our Coastal Christmas decor. I have a solid idea of how to put them to good use.
  6. New Cross Stitch Patterns: A few years ago, I started making my own 5″x5″ beginner cross stitch designs. I got completely sidetracked with other projects but after this week, I have about 20 ideas I want to bring to life.
  7. Clever Rope Work: For the nursery, we wanted to use rope in a few ways, and man, do we have some ideas! We’re mulling around a few projects but know for sure we’re going to make rope curtain tie backs.

So much creative work to get done! Now to make time.

7 Apps I Use Every Day

Happy Sunday Funday, everyone! The temperature has officially peeked over 90*, which means it’s pool and grilling season in Arizona. You can see my husband being the official lifeguard on duty for the day! I’ve already earned my first sunburn of the season (at a morning Little League game, believe it or not), so technically, it’s summer. Today, I was editing some pool time fun photos on my phone and wanted to share with everyone the app I was using. Then I realized that this makes an excellent Weekly 7 list! So here for your reference and enjoyment are the 7 apps I use every day (excluding social media).

  1. A Color Story: Brought to you by the wonderful women over at A Beautiful Mess, this is my favorite photo editing app. The filters are top of the line and always result in beautiful images. If you’re looking to step up from Instagram filters, this is definitely your next move. In fact, the picture above was edited using the Airy: Pool Party filter. Check out the app here.
  2. Homescapes: Shamelessly my latest gaming addiction. Basically, you solve puzzles to help fix up a mansion. It’s so silly but I’m in love.
  3. Cozi: Developed by Real Simple (yes, the magazine), this app is wonderful for families! You have one login for the entire family and everyone can see what needs to be seen – shared calendars (yes, it syncs with Google, Outlook, etc), shopping lists, to-do lists, and more. My husband and I use it primarily for our grocery shopping. We both add to it throughout the week and whoever has time to shop has access to whatever the household needs. Real Simple also has cleaning checklists you can preload for each season, which is super helpful! We’re BIG fans! You can get more information here.
  4. Google News: I prefer the Google News platform because it pulls from multiple news sources on a single story. Plus I can create a local feed and an interest feed (for all my Real Housewives-related news.)
  5. Rhonna Designs: If you’ve seen my weekly pregnancy updates, you’ve seen the Rhonna Designs product. The app is full of fonts and graphics created by multiple professional designers to create unique and fun picture enhancements. Even better, the quality of the images produced is good enough to print out. Every year the app releases holiday photo frames and graphic so you can quickly and easily create original cards to print at home or through your favorite photo printing source.
  6. Sudoku: I start every day with Sudoku. I have for years. It’s the perfect jump start to my brain.
  7. Apple Podcasts: As I mentioned in my 7 Favorite Podcasts list, I listen to podcasts daily. They are the perfect companion for my 30-40 minute commute and I learn a lot! Not a day goes by that I don’t open this app and see what wonderful knowledge I can absorb.

What apps are you just in love with? I’m always shopping for new tools/games/etc.


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