Pregnancy #2 – Week 33

Baby is the size of… a savoy cabbage, ferret, junior tennis racket, pain d’epi, Windows 95 box

Highlight of the Week… We had the growth ultrasound this week, which you know we love. Baby was the opposite of helpful when it came to cute pictures. Facing head down with their feet by their ears, Baby is firmly planted between my hips. I’ve had difficulty walking and getting comfortable lately, so this explains a lot. Baby is super tall and skinny, clocking in at an estimated 4 lb 9 oz, putting them on track to be between 8-9 lbs at birth.

The best photo from the ultrasound we could get is below. Baby had a leg/foot covering the left side of the face and a hand/arm covering the right, so we only got a little peek at the nose and mouth. Judging by a few other live images, we think baby has my chin and nose.

Frustration of the Week… General discomfort. As mentioned, Baby’s position hasn’t been the most comfortable this past week. Rolling and jabs are normal but lately it feels like a game of pinball between my hip ligaments. Occasionally, I’ll lose quality mobility in my left leg. Generally my weaker side as it is, the added pressure from Baby requires extra effort just to lift and move my leg.

Cute thing the boys did… A cute moment for you… see the picture below. Cam cuddled up to my belly and Baby completely shifted AWAY from Cam’s head… but then proceeded to kick/punch Cam’s head as well… so sibling rivalry has already begun.

Curiosities… I’ve been taking Zantac to finish off a bottle I’ve had since my last pregnancy. I ran out and since Zantac is on recall right now, switched to Prilosec. Holy cow! What a difference! Heartburn rarely and barely shows up and I only have to take one pill a day. So nice!

Pregnancy #2 – Week 32

Baby is the size of… a Florida pomelo, naked-tailed armadillo, Scooter board (um…that seems a bit large), croquembouche, Polly Pocket Adventure Playset

Highlight of the Week… This was a good week! Baby is incredibly active and keeps entertaining me with their movements. The other day Baby was moving so much while I was in the bath tub that the water was sloshing around! While some of the movements can be uncomfortable, most of the time they are fascinating and entertaining.

Frustration of the Week… Braxton Hicks contractions have popped up and have caught me a bit off guard. They come in infrequent batches and feel very different than they did with Cameron. Now with the absence of pain in my back, they feel less sharp but just as intense. They’re a pain and essentially pointless – but also super cool when the body just starts doing whatever it feels like doing.

Cute thing the boys did… Cameron is very into seeing my belly – as in pulling up my shirt and seeing my belly. He’s even started playing with my belly button, which is a bit weird, but we’re enjoying watching him process that my belly is “different”. (The super vain side of me appreciates that my child knows that this is not normal for Mommy. Hahaha!) He pats my belly a lot and is becoming more considerate when it comes to climbing over me and not crushing it.

Curiosities… The belly is so heavy and off the front of my body that wearing a belly band is absolutely necessary. When I stand, the top of my belly and abs pull downward, making it feel like someone is pushing down on my belly. Ugh! I’m grateful I invested in a good belly band last year and I’m able to get the support I need right away.

Pregnancy #2 – Week 31

Baby is the size of… romaine lettuce, small clawed otter, a foam finger, 3 chocolate croissants, fanny pack

Highlight of the Week… We have a surgery date and time, which feels sooo official. I could feel the excitement in our families too as we start to make soft plans around the baby coming.

Speaking of, we were also gifted a double-stroller and talk about making it OFFICIAL! We both had a moment of “Whoa… there are going to be two!” Haha!

Even better this week, my doctor upped my dosage of heart burn/acid reflux medication and I am feeling infinitely better. I can even lay on my side at night without wanting to die.

Frustration of the Week… Baby is streeeeetching my belly and getting on my last nerve ligament this week. Baby has settled in pretty low and is consistently pressing on my inside hip ligaments on both sides. I’m constantly having to stretch and do fun yoga poses to inspire repositioning but as you can imagine, this isn’t super convenient when Baby does it in the middle of the night.

Cute thing the boys did… Hubs kicked “Manage Jen’s Discomfort” mode into overdrive this week and he’s absolutely knocking it out of the park. It’s phenomenal to have an amazing partner who is hyper-receptive to my needs during this time.

Curiosities… Cam is starting to get jealous of not being included in the belly photos… so I present to you… Baby 1 and Baby 2 in one shot!

Pregnancy #2 – Week 30

Baby is the size of… a summer cantaloupe, platypus, helmet, brie en croute

Highlight of the Week… Having a a surgery date has put a lot of wheels in motion. I finally felt comfortable putting together a birth/post-natal plan (Plan A and B) and getting a few items we need for baby 2 – including a car seat. We’ll use the new car seat as a spare for Cam for right now but we’ll need it once baby grows out of their infant seat, so why not get it now?

Frustration of the Week… The flu swept through our house last week and unfortunately, I got hit with a less severe version of it (fever and exhaustion) – only to get a small bout of food poisoning a few days later. My body is still recovering during a time of tremendous growth for baby so physically, it’s been a rough week.

Cute thing the boys did… Baby is finally to the rolling stage and Jax is NOT a fan. He tolerates the random kicks, but gets totally weirded out about big movements from the baby. Hubs, on the other hand, loves it because he can finally see and feel the weird movements inside me.

Curiosities… I know Baby 2 preparations are usually a bit more relaxed but it struck us as hilarious that we’re both very blasé about it. Knowing that we have all the newborn stuff readily available in the house, we’ve been completely ignoring the prep. I should probably start pulling out the newborn clothes and wash the linens. Oh… and look up how to swaddle a baby again (amazing that I’ve forgotten that so quickly!) Hahaha!

Pregnancy #2 – Week 29

Baby is the size of… a Hawaiian pineapple, cottontail rabbit, Barbie convertible, couronne bread

Highlight of the Week… Halloween is so fun with a baby in the belly! Baby and I got to be The Great Plumpkin with our Linus and Charlie Brown in tow and people loved it! Thankfully our trick-or-treating route was pretty short because the pregnancy waddle started to come into play as well. Hahaha!

Frustration of the Week… No real frustrations this week because the medication is doing its work and we suddenly remembered the giant box of Breathe Right Nasal Strips from last year. Huge saving grace!

Cute thing the boys did… Cameron got to feel the baby kick for the first time. Unfortunately, it was a spontaneous moment and we didn’t get it on camera, but you better believe we keep trying. He’s fascinated by my belly now – constantly lifting my shirt to see it and then lowering it super fast to hide it.

Curiosities… Sadly the week of Halloween is also the week we discovered that sugar massively triggers my heartburn. The universe has a super rude sense of humor.