What to Pack in your Disney Backpack

My husband and I make our way to Disneyland about once a month. It’s a lot. I know. San Diego is close enough proximity for us to have Annual Passes and easily squeeze in the minimum number of trips to justify the cost of the passes. In case you are wondering, six trips a year brings the Signature Pass to value.

Given that we visit so frequently, we decided a backpack designated for our trips would be worth it. We dug our way through TJMaxx, Ross, and Burlington Coat Factory to find the perfect backpack. We needed one with multiple pockets and bottle holders on both sides of the bag. We landed on this great Swiss Gear backpack for about $25.00.

We keep the bag packed at all times with the essentials. We typically leave for Anaheim around 6:00AM so not having to pack the bag every time we want to go is convenient and sanity saving.

So what “essentials” do we have packed? Check out below…

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2017 Star Wars Half Marathon : The Light Side


In mid January, one week after our wedding, Hank and I decided participating in a half marathon was a good idea. To be completely honest, we signed up for the Star Wars Half Marathon at Disneyland last summer hoping that its proximity to our wedding would help keep us in shape. We’d train for the race, be in stellar shape for the wedding, and run an amazing pace. Great plan, right? Oh… plans. That’s cute.

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Thirty, Flirty, and Thriving

In May, I celebrated my 30th birthday. While most members of my generation have adopted the “Dirty Thirty”, I wanted to do something more fitting of my personality (and save myself from regrets). Anyone who has ever taken a glance at my Instagram (@anthropojenic) knows that I love Disneyland. Being an annual pass holder, I try to go at least once a month, but for my birthday, I wanted to go big.

What does that mean?

Well, being that we go so often, we don’t do a lot of the “touristy” things. We hardly ever buy souvenirs. We don’t eat at the expensive park restaurants. We don’t see the shows. So for this trip, I wanted to do it all. And thanks to a little careful planning by my then boyfriend (now fiance) Hank, I had the most magical 30th birthday.

Check out the highlights.
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First item of business, buying ears and a Disneyland t-shirt to start the day. True story – I’ve never owed a Disneyland t-shirt. Thus, I decided it was time to buy one. Of course, Hank had to get ears too and the BB8 ears were way too cool to pass up. Read More »