Independence Day Wreath

Talk about a blast from the past! This Independence Day wreath was the second project blog post I’veΒ ever written (originally posted on The Creative Cubby) and gave me the bug for sharing my creations with family and friends. Even more importantly, this wreath still gets hung with pride very Independence Day! Hopefully, it will bring as much inspiration and joy to your home as it does to mine. Enjoy!

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Fourth of July Patriotic Mantel Decor

Opening my bin of Independence Day decorations is like being greeted by old friends. These decorations are some of my favorite projects ever, and I’m still so proud of what I made.

This year, we finally have the space to decorate and of course, I had to do a fun mantel display. You have to check out how patriotic (and slightly nerdy) this turned out!

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Presidential Silhouette Decorations

I ask you… who doesn’t need silhouettes of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson hanging on their walls? This Independence Day, you can create custom patriotic decor to show your love for the Founding Fathers and American pride. With only a handful of supplies, these silhouettes quickly come to life! Best yet – you don’t need any special equipment – just a printer. Keep reading to get all the details.

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Fourth of July 1776 Sign

The time of year to celebrate the birth of our nation is upon us, and I could not be more excited! My history nerd heart beats so loudly for this patriotic holiday. Years ago, I created this 1776 wood sign to bring a little sparkle to my decorations and it’s still one of my favorites.

This project is great for beginners and kids (with supervision). Give it a try!

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Coastal Christmas Decorations

Christmas is in full swing in our home! Decorating for our Coastal Christmas theme was fun, easy, and little sandy. We’re spending our last Christmas in our small San Diego apartment and wanted to capitalize on the smaller canvas for our beachy theme.

Collecting the materials to bring the vision to life was fairly easy. No – I didn’t go to the beach. Real seashells and starfish are an important part of the ocean ecosystem. Instead, I opted for ordering manufactured replicas from Oriental Trading or shopping in person at Michaels.

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