7 Kitchen Tools I Can’t Live Without

Cooking is one of my greatest joys. I find quite a bit of personal fulfillment in making something delicious for my family while exploring new flavor pairings and food. However, it hasn’t always been that way. I used to loathe cooking because it took too long and nothing ever turned out how I wanted. Lots of undercooked or charred to a crisp chicken. Soggy veggies. Over-flavored noodles. I just couldn’t seem to get it right.

Then I took a knife skills class at Sur La Table. It was a gift that completely changed my relationship with food. You’re probably wondering how a knife class changed my cooking. Well, let me tell you…

Lawrence Made Essential Kitchen Tools Pin

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Best of October

October was full of spooktacular fun and gourdeous creations! With 13 days of Halloween posts, there was plenty of ghoulish content to enjoy. Did you keep up with it all? I mean… it was a lot. I may have a bit of a Halloween hangover, and the holiday isn’t even over yet!

Catch up on all the posts you may have missed and pin ideas you love for next year!


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Best of September

Wowzers! September just flew by! With the distraction of a new baby, I didn’t get as many posts up as I would have liked but I’m hoping the heavy dose of cuteness makes up for it.

However, the time I have had for crafting and DIY has been focused on the upcoming holidays. I can’t wait to share with you all the spooktacular projects we’ve come up with Halloween! In the meantime, check out the posts you may have missed.

Already hungry for some Halloween-themed projects?
Head over the archives to get some inspiration!


BestOfDivider AroundtheHome


Best. Baby. Tip. Ever.
Stay ahead of the organization game by making these baby storage bins.

BestOfDivider Weekly 7


Save your sanity while moving by using these simple tricks to stay organized and efficient. Who says moving has to be stressful?

BestOfDivider Gettin Personal


Baby Lawrence is here!
Read about the turn my pregnancy took at the end and our full birth story.

BestOfDivider Shop


Cross stitch patterns galore! I’ve been hard at work creating fun beginner cross stitch patterns. New patterns are being added to the shop all the time so check back often!


Thank you for reading and sharing this journey with me!

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