7 Tips for Stress-Free Mornings

Fun Fact: I hate to be rushed. Loathe it. If I feel crunched for time, I am the most irritable person in the world, and it takes a while for me to come down from the unwanted, unnecessary stress.

For this reason, I spend quite a bit of time investing in my morning routine. Starting my day off right truly does set the tone for the rest of the day and I’m sure you feel me on this. How many times have you had a hectic morning and felt frazzled the rest of the day? I’m sure it’s more than you could count!

Over the years, I’ve implemented different morning routines to adapt to my changing lifestyle. From being a full-time student working two jobs to working full-time from home, the techniques used to set the proper stage for my day have been all over the place. Here are my seven favorite tactics to ensure I start the day stress-free.

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Best of July

July was a crazy busy month for our household! We’ve been wrapping up projects and getting our lives ready for Baby Lawrence to arrive. When I say “getting our lives ready,” I mean, the car seat is installed, diaper stations organized, and the guest room is set up for post-partum recovery. The last thing on our list is stocking our freezer with premade meals. Have a favorite recipe? Let me know!

Let’s take a look back at the fun stuff from July!

BestOfDivider CraftandDIY


Cricut + Screen Printing = Magic!
I couldn’t believe how easy it was to create these adorable onesies using a screen printing kit and vinyl designs cut from my Cricut. You have to check this out!Read More »

Best of June

June has flown by! Summer is in full swing, and it is hot-hot-hot in Arizona. We’ve been busy getting ready for Baby Lawrence’s arrival and finishing projects around the house. I took a small sabbatical from writing a lot of new content so I could map out the coming months. The bonus is we got to revisit some of my favorite craft projects from when I first started blogging. Did you see the second project blog post ever written by yours truly? The nostalgia was super fun and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. But onward and upward! There are plenty more posts to come over the next few months. You won’t want to miss what I have prepared for July. In the meantime, here are June’s highlights!

BestOfDivider CraftandDIY


Are you ready for Independence Day? This patriotic mantel is full of crafty projects you can complete this weekend, including a fun 1776 wood sign and those super cool (nerdy?) presidential silhouettes.Read More »

Best of May

As the saying goes, April showers bring May flowers. Well, except in Arizona. A beautiful April leads to a hot-hot-hot May. However, here on blog, there’s plenty in bloom! May brought with it many gifts, including surprise birthday celebrations, sweet moments with my family awaiting its new addition, and finally, the energy to complete projects! With so much happening, check out what you may have missed.

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Summer beach vacation season is upon us. Start a new family tradition by collecting sand from all of your favorite seaside locations and store them for years to come in these keepsake bottles.Read More »

Best Way to Organize Scrapbook Paper

Upon moving into our new home, I realized that my paper organization habits were not great. Like all Cricut owners, over time, I had amassed quite the collection of cardstock and other scrapbook papers. Oh, a pack of various colored paper on sale at Michaels for only $5? Don’t mind if I do!

That’s not to say this paper isn’t useful. Of course, it is! The true issue lies in where to put all of it that ticks off the right requirements:

  1. Accessible
  2. Organized
  3. Protected from the “Elements”

To be clear, “elements” includes me accidentally bending the corners of a stack due to lack of attention.

Enter the solution of all solutions… a filing cabinet.

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