Earth Day Succulent Gift Tags

“One of the first conditions of happiness is that the link between man and nature shall not be broken.” – Leo Tolstoy

I never miss an Earth Day. While I try to serve the earth as best I can throughout the year, I love having a day dedicated to spreading nature love. What better way to spread a little love than to make succulent gifts for your friends and family?

Why succulents?

Did you know succulents have the same air purifying properties as most houseplants but are way easier to keep alive? Which is good news for any plants that make their way into my home. Between my black thumb and living in the desert, I struggle to find plants I can keep alive – except succulents. These little succ-ers have become my favorite plant companions and I’m sharing the love with everyone this year!

Added bonus – I got to be extra punny with this project! I mean really… life would succ without plants. See what I did there?! Funny, right?! I knew y’all would be on board with this.

You too can make these adorable gifts with my printable gift tags (link below). Keep reading for a few tips on how to make these adorable gifts in under 15 minutes.

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How to Store Cricut (and Other) Cutting Mats

As we unpacked in our new house, I realized I have a lot of Cricut cutting mats. They all serve their purpose, but there are quite a few. Storing mats standing on end, especially in areas with high heat or high humidity, can be a dangerous game. Warping is very common for all types of cutting mats so special care should be taken to ensure they are stored properly.

If you’re like me, you don’t have space to keep a bunch of mats safely stored laying flat somewhere. The space simply does not exist and I can’t guarantee everyone in my household will not care to keep them safe, not lay things on them, or avoid tossing them aside.

Luckily… I do have plenty of wall space and you do too.

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How to Polish Silver

A few months ago, my mother-in-law gave us an old silverware set she had found while cleaning out her home. She called to ask if we wanted it and while I’ve never thought about having true silverware, it was a complete set. Why pass it up?

The set had belonged to my husband’s grandmother. Undoubtedly from a time when silver and china were staples to every wedding registry. Today, that’s not something brides and grooms prioritize for their wedding gifts. Everyday dishes and flatware? Of course. But quality, expensive dishware is rarely a priority. We were fortunate to get this beautiful William Rogers and Sons King Edward Silverplated set, which after some research, we found was made between 1936-1951 and was a very popular style of the time.

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What to Pack in your Disney Backpack

My husband and I make our way to Disneyland about once a month. It’s a lot. I know. San Diego is close enough proximity for us to have Annual Passes and easily squeeze in the minimum number of trips to justify the cost of the passes. In case you are wondering, six trips a year brings the Signature Pass to value.

Given that we visit so frequently, we decided a backpack designated for our trips would be worth it. We dug our way through TJMaxx, Ross, and Burlington Coat Factory to find the perfect backpack. We needed one with multiple pockets and bottle holders on both sides of the bag. We landed on this great Swiss Gear backpack for about $25.00.

We keep the bag packed at all times with the essentials. We typically leave for Anaheim around 6:00AM so not having to pack the bag every time we want to go is convenient and sanity saving.

So what “essentials” do we have packed? Check out below…

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A New Space

I stayed up late last night rearranging our apartment with my hubs. My poor husband. Less than a week before he leaves for deployment and I tell him I’d like to rearrange our home. After a year and half, I was getting antsy to do something to the space. Without being able to make significant changes like painting, moving the furniture around was the best solution. New curtains and throw pillows can only go so far. I needed a big shift.

​Originally, I said I’d like to make the changes on Saturday, but as we were eating dinner, I decided there was no time like the present. Our apartment has been feeling cluttered and claustrophobic lately and with our big change looming, some space to breathe would be nice.

Moving furniture around wasn’t the only method to get that space. We also created a purge box during the process to weed out items we don’t need or want anymore. We have accumulated a lot of stuff in the past year or so that there’s really no reason to hang onto. Well-intentioned gifts of knickknacks and novelty items have begun to clutter our space and, dare I say it, vibe. Our 667 squarefoot apartment was starting to feel very, very small.

We started by shifting two bookcases from the dining room to the living. We had four bookcases in the dining room to begin with (two small, two large) that created a beautiful library wall. But in our space, the library wall made the dining room feel tiny and look cavernous. In our all white apartment, the brown bookcases sucked in light and created a heavy look. It was time to break it up. So we pulled the smaller of the two bookcases to the living room to frame the tv. The two larger bookcases were pushed to opposite sides in the dining room to open up the wall. The effect is mindblowing. Our dining room feels HUGE now.

We also flipped our living room. Unconventional and not feng shui. But now facing the opposite wall, the living room feels like its own room, rather than part of the boxy great room it is. Moving the couch to the opposite wall also opened up the intersection between the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom.

Perhaps my favorite result is now all of my craft supplies are in one location – the dining room. Admittedly, I use the dining table more to craft than to eat. Previously, my craft supplies were spread over multiple storage spaces in the dining room, living room, and a closet. Now, while I still have some organizing to do, they are all contained to one space. The dining room actually feels like a craft room as well. A true dual purpose space. With the amount of storage I have in there, I can reorganize to get my supplies put away neatly and discretely… and actually get to finishing those projects!

Crazy what moving furniture around can do. ​The result is beyond what we expected. Our home now feels bigger, more open, cleaner, and more stylish. What has always felt like home now feels like a cozy home that is inspiring.