About Lawrence Made

About Lawrence Made

As a lifelong crafter, I’m simultaneously elated and disheartened to see the turn handmade arts have taken. On the one hand, now more than ever we can learn how to make whatever project our heart desires. From blogs, to YouTube, to any social media platform – someone knows how to do it.

On the other hand, we’ve slid regretfully into what I refer to as “Pinterest Perfection Syndrome”. A dear friend told me she made a craft but didn’t want to share it on social media because it’s not “perfect”. Not only did she think the finished project was flawed to a point that would elicit criticism, she commented that the photo she took of the project wasn’t great. Like… really? She just made a really cool item for her house and she was worried people would point out mistakes and hate her photo.

I’ve had enough. As a craft blogger, I strive to keep it real. I make cool shit and I share how to make that cool shit. I also occasionally curse – if it’s not your style, go somewhere else. I’m tired of trying to fit into a box of what a blogger should be – perfectly eloquent writer, professional photographer, and flawless crafter who makes only original projects. Yuck!

Here’s the reality.

Crafting and DIY are not hard. There are elements or skills that each individual may struggle to master (we aaaall make mistakes) but every single person on the planet is a crafter. Every project can and should be broken down into small manageable pieces. And guess what, you can do it… and you should be proud as hell of what you make.

Here at Lawrence Made, we put the judgment – from others and ourselves – aside. We learn new things and accept we won’t be great at everything. We laugh through the process and give into hysterical laughter when we make a heaping pile of craft supply crap. We kick perfectionism to the curb and keep homemade enjoyable. Join me in my goal to make handmade fun again.

Who am I?

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From traveling to crafting to personal development, I live enthusiastically in many directions with three core beliefs:

  1. Life should be felt, decorated, celebrated, tasted, explored and appreciated.
  2. Leaving your mark on the world can be done in small though significant ways.
  3. “Today” is an appropriate occasion for champagne and balloons.

Living in the sunny state of Arizona, I am a virtual executive assistant + event planner and avid blogger with consuming interest in all things that make the world go ’round. I graduated from Arizona State University (Go Devils!) with a Bachelor of Arts, History and a Bachelor of Arts, Political Science.

If you would like to reach me, you can email here.


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Thank you for reading! You make what I love doing so special. Please feel free to contact me for anything!

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