Wrapping Presents with Ornaments

Every year, I tend to get a little too fancy with the wrapping. We’re talking thick paper, ribbons, and always some type of embellishment. This year, everyone is getting gifts with ornaments on top. I mean, really, it’s super pretty and what’s life without a little whimsy?
As a bonus, adding ornaments to gifts is an inexpensive and incredibly easy way to dress up the packaging.

I got my ornaments and ribbon at Big Lots – on sale. I love the glitter snowflakes! I’ve used them in wrapping and decorating for years. The miniatures bulbs were the perfect touch to the top of the gift.

So how do you do it? Simply string the ornaments on twine or ribbon and attached to your package. No fancy techniques. Not tricks. String and tie… and it looks like you spent a bundle on fancy wrapping. Everyone gets free ornaments too!

I also like buying ornaments for people as gifts. This is the perfect opportunity to showcase them! Who says you have to put all gifts inside a box?

Like the gift tags? Get the free printables here!

Happy Wrapping!

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