Best Way to Organize Scrapbook Paper

Upon moving into our new home, I realized that my paper organization habits were not great. Like all Cricut owners, over time, I had amassed quite the collection of cardstock and other scrapbook papers. Oh, a pack of various colored paper on sale at Michaels for only $5? Don’t mind if I do!

That’s not to say this paper isn’t useful. Of course, it is! The true issue lies in where to put all of it that ticks off the right requirements:

  1. Accessible
  2. Organized
  3. Protected from the “Elements”

To be clear, “elements” includes me accidentally bending the corners of a stack due to lack of attention.

Enter the solution of all solutions… a filing cabinet.

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7 Beauty Products I Can’t Live Without

Like many women, my beauty routine oscillates between maximum and minimal effort. Some days I’m feeling glamorous and pull out the full routine – foundation, contouring, highlighting, fancy eyeshadow, the works! Other days, eh – I just want to look like I’ve made a little effort even though I’m not feeling it. Oddly enough, the latter doubles as my vacation and travel routine unless attending an event (e.g. wedding or conference). These seven beauty supplies have become necessities when it comes to my beauty regime.Read More »

Pregnancy – Week 25

Week… 25

Baby is the size of… a rutabaga

Highlight of the Week…  Husband and I have answered all kinds of important newborn-raising questions this week and it’s refreshing to have the weight off our shoulders. We also mapped out a bunch of to-dos and booked a birthing class with our hospital. I know this doesn’t sound like much of a highlight but we’re feeling more prepared and less panicky that we’re missing something. Less stress is always a highlight!

Frustration of the Week… The belly has been going through a growth spurt this week. Lots of ligament pain and for the first time, lower back pain. I bought a belly band to help alleviate the discomfort, but man, this discomfort suuucks. Silver lining is that means baby is healthy and growing, right?! Focus on the silver lining.

Eating a lot of… Seaweed Snack! I seriously can’t get enough of these things! And trail mix.

Cute Thing Hubby Did This Week… Wednesday was my birthday and my husband got me the most thoughtful pregnancy gift – bath accessories. As mentioned, my belly is in major growth mode and I’ve been uncomfortable for the past couple of weeks. The only respites have been the pool and warm baths. Enter my hero of a husband with a cushy tub pillow and an extending bath caddy for all my relaxing needs. Absolutely delightful!

A Tidbit… I couldn’t post an update without including this incredibly sweet photo.

Pregnancy – Week 24

Week… 24

Baby is the size of… an ear of Corn

Highlight of the Week… We saw our first kicks on the surface! Baby is starting to explore all the space available to it and has been giving strong kicks to the middle of my stomach. So cool but also incredibly weird! Haha.

Frustration of the Week… I traveled for work this week and I can’t believe how worn down I get through what would be “normal” or “easy” travel.

Eating a lot of… Ice cream

Cute Thing Hubby Did This Week… Hubs already downloaded a contractions counting app. Apparently he read about it in an article and decided to get it now. Love how prepared he’s trying to be.

A Tidbit… I finally started working out again this week. The Tone It Up Bikini Series launched on Monday and to my surprise, one of the trainers is pregnant. This means finally, finally, finally Tone It Up is providing pre- and post-natal modifications and I’m over the moon about it! I’ve been an avid Tone It Up follower for almost four years and I’m so glad I can participate in their most motivating fitness challenge of the year – safely.

We’re doing a fun baby pool in preparation for Baby Lawrence’s arrival and would love for you to join in! In this pool, you need to submit your hunches for eight characteristic categories, including gender, eye color, and weight. So fun! We’re loving reading them all. Check the pool out here and submit your guesses!