Our Birth Story

As you will frequently hear, birth never goes as planned. Thankfully, in our case, our birth plan was “whatever is safest”, so we were well-prepared for the unexpected turn my pregnancy took at the end.

This is quite long because I think the more detailed birth stories are the most helpful. Plus it’s fresh in my mind and I might as well document as much as I can right now. So get cozy and enjoy!

On a Tuesday, we went to the doctor for our weekly check-in. After being evaluated, my doctor confirmed I was at 4cm dilated and estimated 75% effaced. I started dilating during Week 36 with constant progress since then, so my doctor informed us we were basically as far as my body was going to go until contractions start. Then came the discussion of inducement. How far past 40 weeks did I want to wait for the baby to decide on its own birthday? Sometimes nature needs a little help and we were totally okay with that due to the immense pain I had been enduring. After some discussion around the possible size of the baby and how healthy everything had been, we decided on the following Saturday, which would put me at exactly 40 weeks.Read More »


Baby Storage Bins

During my pregnancy, I received a lot of advice about everything under the sun from taking care of the baby to keeping my sanity. Some of the best tips I received were related to the latter, including how a little forethought with organization can go a long way.

One particularly organized friend gave me this tip, and I already know I’ll be eternally grateful.

To reduce clutter and keep your wits about you, buy storage containers for items baby will outgrow… now.

Knowing we plan to have a second baby, we planned to keep as much of baby’s stuff as reasonable, but it didn’t really occur to me to have bins ready to go before baby even arrived.

Here’s the dose of the reality my friend gave me.

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7 Sanity-Saving Moving Tips

Moving can be both exciting and incredibly stressful at the same time. I love that moving forces me to reevaluate all of my belongs and provides the perfect opportunity to purge. However, even with as organized as I am, I still stress over getting everything safely into boxes. Do I have enough boxes? Will this stuff break? How will I find everything when I get there?

Over the years, I’ve moved a lot and have collected some best practices along the way. Our most recent move was the least stressful I’ve ever had and it was thanks to a little planning and organization.

Here are my best tips for saving your sanity while moving.

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Best of August

Can anyone else believe it is already the end of August?! I’m sure for parents this glorious month and the return to school could not have come fast enough! We’ve been in high-gear preparing for Baby Lawrence, and I’m doing my best to put relaxing comfort first. All the same, there was plenty to share this month. Take a look at what you might have missed!

BestOfDivider CraftandDIY

After putting the finishing touches on the nursery, we quickly realized it was our favorite room in the house. Check out why by diving into our Disney Ocean themed nursery tour.

BestOfDivider Weekly 7

No one likes a hectic morning – especially me. Here are seven of my favorite tricks for keeping mornings calm and stress-free.

BestOfDivider Gettin Personal

Thanks to a brilliant photographer, we somehow managed to look cute during our maternity photo shoot in 116* weather. See how the images turned out!

BestOfDivider Shop


I’ve been busy creating tons of new cross stitch patterns for my Etsy shop. Have you seen them? Recently, a handful of beachy friends have made their way into the pattern collection… but keep an eye out… spooky Halloween additions are just around the corner.


Thank you for reading and sharing this journey with me!

xoxo, Jen

7 Pregnancy Tips

Pregnancy has been tough for me. While I’ve been blessed with level hormones, limited morning sickness, and no major complications, my body has struggled with adjusting to growing a little human. To be honest, I haven’t enjoyed being pregnant much. I don’t share that to incite a pity party or seem ungrateful for my ability to be pregnant. I’m just being honest. Being pregnant is uncomfortable and difficult to get through.

However, with that being said, there are a few things that have helped get me through my pregnancy. Hopefully, some of these tips will help you as well.

Best Pregnancy Tips

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