Pregnancy – Week 21

Week… 21

Baby is the size of… a Banana

Highlight of the Week… Hubs was finally able to feel the baby kick! We went from flutters to kicks very quickly and baby is quite active, especially at night. One evening, baby was kicking particularly hard and I frantically grabbed hubs’s hand to put on the sweet spot. Within seconds, baby gave him two powerful kicks. The look on his face was…life changing. I’ve known my husband for most of my life and for a brief moment, I could see his face light up with the childish wonder I remember from when we were young. Then, in mere milliseconds, his look flashed to joy, then to pride, and then to pure emotion and it was almost too much to handle. We talk all the time about how excited we are to be parents, but this was one of those rare, magical moments when nothing needed to be said. Truly perfect.

Frustration of the Week… Heartburn has come on with a vengeance! I didn’t realize how different heartburn feels while pregnant. It’s this not-so-pleasant burning sensation with a dash of nausea. So wonderful! Unfortunately, there’s not a single thing that is triggering it. Rather I get waves after every meal. Sooo…

Eating a lot of… Tums… and ice cream – yum yum!

Cute Thing Hubby Did This Week… (see Highlight… it’s good enough to double dip)

A Tidbit… I have too many ideas for things for baby. I need to schedule a crafty day to make fun things. Is it appropriate to register for Cricut supplies? Hahaha!


Earth Day Succulent Gift Tags

“One of the first conditions of happiness is that the link between man and nature shall not be broken.” – Leo Tolstoy

I never miss an Earth Day. While I try to serve the earth as best I can throughout the year, I love having a day dedicated to spreading nature love. What better way to spread a little love than to make succulent gifts for your friends and family?

Why succulents?

Did you know succulents have the same air purifying properties as most houseplants but are way easier to keep alive? Which is good news for any plants that make their way into my home. Between my black thumb and living in the desert, I struggle to find plants I can keep alive – except succulents. These little succ-ers have become my favorite plant companions and I’m sharing the love with everyone this year!

Added bonus – I got to be extra punny with this project! I mean really… life would succ without plants. See what I did there?! Funny, right?! I knew y’all would be on board with this.

You too can make these adorable gifts with my printable gift tags (link below). Keep reading for a few tips on how to make these adorable gifts in under 15 minutes.

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7 Creative Inspirations from Hawaii

Aloooha! We’ve spent the past week in Kauai, soaking up as much sunshine as possible while exploring the island. This island has so much beauty to take in! From Waimea Canyon, to the varying beaches, to the dense tropical terrain of the Na Pali coast. Along the way, we poked our head into every store, art gallery, and souvenir stall we could. The creative inspiration was overwhelming! I’m always in awe of other’s talent and could feel my own ideas hitting me right in the forehead. Here are seven pieces of inspiration I picked up along the way.

  1. Ocean-Themed Placemats and Napkins: I’ve had my eye open for new placemats and cloth napkins (yes, I’m that person.) The struggle has been in finding designs that fit our tastes. I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me to make my own! I saw a design that sparked so many ideas. Be prepared!
  2. Photo Transfers onto Wood: This was a big craft a few years ago that I never attempted. We saw an example of nature images transfer to wood by a photographer and I have to try it. The organic textures behind the scenic image is powerful.
  3. Plumeria: The plumeria has really grown on me. I wasn’t the biggest fan of this flower until this trip and now I know I need to do something with it. Maybe on my Cricut or embroidery. Still rolling ideas around in my head.
  4. Baby Onesie Ideas: Omg! So many cute and clever puns! Even better is coming up with gender neutral designs. Time to break out the Cricut and I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a screen printing kit. Either way, mama is going to make some outfits for baby!
  5. Seashell Artwork: We have sooo many shells left over from our Coastal Christmas decor. I have a solid idea of how to put them to good use.
  6. New Cross Stitch Patterns: A few years ago, I started making my own 5″x5″ beginner cross stitch designs. I got completely sidetracked with other projects but after this week, I have about 20 ideas I want to bring to life.
  7. Clever Rope Work: For the nursery, we wanted to use rope in a few ways, and man, do we have some ideas! We’re mulling around a few projects but know for sure we’re going to make rope curtain tie backs.

So much creative work to get done! Now to make time.

Pregnancy – Week 20

Week… 20 – Halfway there!

Baby is the size of… a Mango!

Highlight of the Week… Besides writing this from a gorgeous beach in Kaua’i? Last week, I shared that our doctor had some concerns around our baby’s heart and we had to go to a specialist for reimaging. Thankfully, the specialty clinic was able to get us in late on Friday so we didn’t have to wait to get answers. The ultrasound technician spent a full hour with us (an improvement over the 20 minutes we get in the doctor’s office) and was qualified to give us information during the session, instead of making us wait. She walked us through each image, explaining what we were looking at and how development looked. And how did it turn out? Perfect. Baby has an excellent, hardworking little heart with four beautiful and well-sized chambers. The technician also checked all other measurements and baby is perfect! Good sized brain – she even showed us that the brain is properly connect to the ears! Baby was still being shy and laying in the full pike position, but she was able to get a beautiful 4D face shot. You can see it below!Read More »

How to Store Cricut (and Other) Cutting Mats

As we unpacked in our new house, I realized I have a lot of Cricut cutting mats. They all serve their purpose, but there are quite a few. Storing mats standing on end, especially in areas with high heat or high humidity, can be a dangerous game. Warping is very common for all types of cutting mats so special care should be taken to ensure they are stored properly.

If you’re like me, you don’t have space to keep a bunch of mats safely stored laying flat somewhere. The space simply does not exist and I can’t guarantee everyone in my household will not care to keep them safe, not lay things on them, or avoid tossing them aside.

Luckily… I do have plenty of wall space and you do too.

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